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Saturday June 16th, 2007

Catholic Church Reception Hall, Carlisle, Arkansas

Keith Percefull ?, Bill Percefull, and Donald McCants

Ruth E. and M. L. (Mac) McBurney

Lance Percefull and Ann Snyder Martindale


Ruth Percefull McBurney and John Percefull

Jana Percefull Wilson three of her children: Denise Graves, Mark Graves, and Suzanne Graves Whitner

From left to right: Ann Snyder Martindale, Howell McConnell, Beverly McCants Younger, Donald McCants, Dorothy McCants, Wanda Percefull Roe holding her granddaughter, Betty McConnell, Nina McConnell Melton, Lance Percefull, Richard Percefull, Janis Percefull, Larry Percefull, John Percefull, Bill Percefull, Linda Percefull Camp, Bob Percefull, Jana Percefull Wilson, John McConnell, and Ruth Percefull McBurney.

Children of Everett Percefull and Ruth Matthews Percefull: Ruth Evelyn Percefull McBurney, John Deward (Jack) Percefull, Jana Pearl Percefull Wilson, and Robert Lee (Bob) Percefull

Children of Omer Percefull and Alma Enz Percefull: Linda Percefull Camp, Wanda Percefull Roe, William Omer (Bill) Percefull, and Larry Walter Percefull

Donald McCants and his wife with Fay Percefull McCants and daughters Dorothy and Beverly

Fay Percefull McCants, Dorothy McCants, and Richard Percefull

Beverley McCants Younger, Cathy Martindale Tierney, and Ann Snyder Martindale

Howell McConnell family - R to L: Howell, Norma Jean, Kevin & grandson, Kristina, and Kaylin


More pictures to come - keep checking back.

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